Extras at DFW Casino Parties.com

CASINO RAFFLE TICKETS – Included in your package are plenty of raffle tickets or vouchers to allow your group to give away door prizes at the end of the party. 

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GAME CARDS – Part of our job as entertainers is to get all the guests involved, especially guests who may not be as familiar with the rules of the games. Our game cards have blackjack strategy and helps with the rank of poker hands. They may be kept as souvenirs and can even be used at the real gaming tables in Las Vegas. 

FREE CONSULTATION – We will be available to answer questions, make presentations, attend venue walk-throughs, customize floor plans, help you develop strategies, and generally to assist you! We feel honored you are considering us and have a responsibility to make the event as spectacular and successful as possible!

We also offer...

TABLE SKIRTING. Jackpot Dallas Casino covers its portable table legs with custom-made skirting. This gives the tables a solid look and the room an elegant appearance.

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Funny Money - We provide a wide selection of custom branded novelty bank notes. This currency is issued to your guests at the beginning of the party and can be use throughout to play any of our exciting casino games.

We can put together a complete Las Vegas show with casino, bands, showgirls and more.