Roulette at DFW Casino

A classic casino game, its fun, exciting, energetic reaction and it all comes from a spin of a wheel. Bet on one or a combination of numbers. When the ball comes to rest, the winning number is announced and all losing bets cleared. The croupier will then pay the winning number and all associated bets. Our professional dealers are trained to provide you with provide step by step instruction. Our Roulette equipment is the best available anywhere. While the table may look overwhelming, the idea of the game is to guess the number, the more accurate you are, the better payoff.

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Our dealers are trained to teach your guest how to play the games if they are novices.  We train our dealers to be friendly and outgoing so we make sure your guests will have an enjoyable time.

Where to start?

Just give us a call at 972/300.4100 or email and we will help you plan your event into a memorable evening.

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